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3 easy steps: How to connect to Chinese tourists

Chinese tourists are exploring the world like never before. And they have really taken to Denmark, Iceland and the rest of the Nordic countries.

The Chinese tourists used to visit us in large groups led by a Chinese tour guide. Many still are - but a growing number of the young and wealthy younger Chinese tourists want to explore the north more and more by them self instead of traveling in big groups. 

Because of that Nordic brands more than ever has to stand out to market themself to the Chinese tourists who loves our clean, fashionable, trendy, sustainable brands.

Just this year three new direct airline routes were opening from China to Denmark. That means that there will be almost double up on seats on direct routes in 2019 compared to 2018.

It means that many more Chinese tourists and business people can chose Denmark as the destination and first stop on their roundtrip in Denmark and other Nordic countries. 

Typically Chinese tourists stay 8-10 days in Scandinavia. They will visit the Norwegian mountains and the capitals Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm - and also Reykjavik. They are busy people and they have only 1-2 nights in every city. To catch their attention - you need to get started before they leave China.

In 2018 110.000 Chinese tourists came to Denmark directly from China via Copenhagen Airport - with the new direct routes the number will rise to around 200.000 people. On top of that is all the tourists arriving from other Nordic countries.

The Danish tourism agency Visit Denmark expect the number of Chinese tourists in Denmark to reach 308.000 in 2018. And next year that number is expected to grow further.

Given that Chinese tourists are among the highest spenders among tourists visiting the Nordic countries this is very good news. 

But … how do you as a brand connect to the growing numbers of Chinese tourists in Denmark, Iceland etc.? 

And how do you stand out from everybody else? 

Do your staff need to speak Chinese in your stores? 

What is important for Chinese consumers - and what is not?

Bing Bang know how to reach the Chinese tourists and consumers. Read our list below - and feel free to contact us, if you have any questions. We love to talk about the ‘China possibilities’.


You need to be where the Chinese tourists are before they leave China. That means, that you need to be present on the Chinese social media. Facebook, Instagram etc does not work in China. So forget about them, if you want to connect to the Chinese consumers.

In China the social media platform WeChat is used by everybody - and it is a very good place to start. Get a official WeChat-account and then use smaller social media platform to boost your reach.

The Chinese tourists will research on WeChat before traveling. If you are present and sharing valuable relatable content - they will find you and remember you.


Accept Chinese payment methods. Chinese people doesn’t like or trust credit cards much. They almost skipped the credit cards (that we have used and loved for many years in Europe)  and went from cash to mobile payment solutions. Everybody has WeChatPay and Alipay - and Chinese consumers will trust you and your brand more if you offer one of these payment methods - or preferable both.

The super cool thing is .. by offering fx WeChatPay as a payment method in your store - you will also get the Chinese customer to follow you on WeChat and you will be able to keep up the relationship in the future via valuable and relatable content. And WeChat is perfect for valuable relatable content marketing.

Who knows … you might want to sell directly to Chinese consumers later from a webstore. If that is the case  - Content People can help you set up a store in WeChat, where you can sell directly to your new Chinese customers.


Don’t forget about the O&O (online & offline). Chinese consumers are very digital. They embrace social media, social media marketing, e-commerce, gaming, etc. 

They research a lot online before traveling, buying etc, and they talk to friends online - so “word of mouth”-marketing and references are very important.

But … the Chinese are also very analogue when it comes to marketing. They love to connect physical brochures, posters, postcards etc to the digital marketing experience on their smartphone (which by the way is a almost physical extension of their hands). That’s why the QR-codes gained so much success in China. The QR-codes connects offline with online - and makes it possible for Chinese consumers to easily connect to your brand and your WeChat-account.

Content People helps your brand and store connect to the Chinese tourists by creating WeChat-accounts, valuable and relatable content and tying the knot between O&O. We also help you to accept Chinese payment methods, so the Chinese tourists will feel welcomed by you and your brand.

And … if you are up to it. We will help you find your way into the Chinese market and sell your products directly to the Chinese consumers - whether they visit your physical store or not.

Because …. Nordic brands are hot i China. Because of our history, our cool and simple design, our sustainable way of producing etc. 

Call us, e-mail us - or chat with us on WeChat.

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