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Why defining your audience in China is key to success

You already know how important it is to know your consumers and your target audience. A well defined target audience makes it much easier to tell them what your product or service can do for them.

But … how do you do that, when your target audience in China is not at all like your target audience in Denmark, Iceland etc.

Your webshop or brick and mortar store is top tuned. You produce a lot of content. In Danish, Icelandic or in English - it's made by European marketers and aimed at European consumers. But … are you sure the same content will be received well by Chinese audience. No?

Then you have to take a closer look at your Chinese target group - or audience as we like to call it.

What is most important for you and your business? To get a lot of traffic/visits on your website - or to sell your products?

For us here at Bing Bang there is much more value in 500 contacts to marketing staff from a lifestyle company in need of content than in 25.000 visits from soccer-fans or car-enthusiasts on our Facebook-page.

The same should be your concern. If you are marketing your business on Chinese social media like WeChat or smaller secondary social media you should think about how to attract the right kind of visitors or followers - not the most.

You will sell, if the visitors on your page are met by content of relevance.

Are you able to offer something of relevance without knowing what you visitors need?

NO … it is exactly like when you have a visitor in your home. It is polite for you as a host to ask your guest, if he is thirsty. If he says YES, you will offer him something to drink - you would never just serve him a large meal.

Maybe you know, that he is trying to lose weight. Then you would never offer him a sugary fizzy drink. You will offer him a light soda or a mineral water. You ask about his needs - and offer something to meet his needs.

The same rules apply when it comes to your target audience in China. You have to find out what they need and want.

When you know that - you can adjust your product and your storytelling - and then your product will (almost) sell it self.

To be clear: To sell better, you have to know who your audience is, what they want, what they find important, and if there are anything about your product/service stopping them.

You can’t try to reach everybody - because not everybody needs your product.

Focus on defining your audience - and you will experience your sale will rise.

We know it is difficult. It takes hard work - and maybe even help from others. At Bing Bang we are very good in helping brands identify and define their audience and personas. We do that in cooperation with the brand - you - because you have a lot of the knowledge needed. We just help you identify it and use it.

This is important because:

When you know

  • Who your audience is, is is much easier to find the right way of reaching them (what type of content do they love, where do they find the content, what are they searching for etc.)

  • How do they talk about and define the product or service, they need? Then you can use their own words in your content. It will resonate well.

  • How the choose and compare products like yours. Then you will know to structure and prioritize your content.

  • What their needs are - then you can tailor your value proposition

  • What they are not interested in. Then stop telling about it.

  • How their life and daily routines are bettered by your product or service. Then you can communicate the benefits very clearly to them.

… and so forth. It is about relevance and value. If your product/service and your way of offering it matches the audience’s needs - then you will get a customer.

If you on the other hand targets “everybody”, then it is much more difficult - because nobody identifies with “everybody”.

Are you not there yet? Are you unsure who your target audience is. Maybe you will get a little closer by asking yourself these questions?

  • What need does your product or service solve?

  • Who would typically have that need? (Gender, age, geography etc.).

  • What platforms would be relevant for your product?

  • Does your former customers have something in common - besides buying your product? Maybe you can profile them a bit.

It is difficult for a company to move your perspective from your own needs, ways etc. to your potential clients. For many it helps to get assistance from somebody who is not a part of the organization. At Bing Bang we are experts in cooperation with companies in identifying and defining audience and personas in China - and help creating a strategy and operationalizable plan on what type of content to create - and how.

Knowing your target group is one step of the way in knowing who will be the audience of your content or content marketing. Because content needs to be produced for an audience - not for a customer.

Are you dreaming of selling your products to Chinese consumers - you have to focus on defining your target audience and make it into an audience which you can enthuse with relevant and valuable content aimed at that specific audience.

You need to know your audience. You need to understand their thoughts and needs. The more specific your can describe you audience is the better.

When you know your audience’s needs and wishes you can develop content they need and want. In combination with your knowledge, we will have the Content Sweet Spot - which is the frame for your content creation. It will be relevant and valuable for your audience - and customers.

Relevant and valuable content creates a relationship between you and your Chinese audience - those relationships adds value to your business in the longer run.

Do you need our help defining your Chinese audience? And maybe even what your Content Sweet Spot is? Call us - or send us an e-mail. And let’s talk.

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